A Protest

We want our freedom.
Not the fearful freedom
Hurled, an epithet against my neighbour.
Not the freedom to do what I will
Hang the consequences.
Not the freedom of mine vs yours.
But, the broad freedom to be 
With one another again,
To care for each other,
To imagine and make our future
A brighter one together.
The freedom of us.
The freedom denied 
To so many by this plague,
To every prisoner locked away,
To those you'd rather not see.
The freedom that the workers check
Every day to punch the clock.
We demand our freedom
From those that sacrifice the ill
From those that fill the jails
From those that own the clocks
And use their implements to scare
Us into playing their malicious tune.
We need our freedom.
To protect what matters
Each other
Our homes
Our home
We'll take our freedom.

Two freedoms

As I sit at home
I am presented with
An infinite sparkling sea 
Of choices at my fingertips

Such new delights offered
To arrive at my demand
And take me through from
Day to night and back again

But I would give anything to sit
And lean back in the creaking chairs
Of the same old bar
To drink the same old beer

With the same old friends
And new ones also
While we talk about our todays
And dream up our tomorrows